Programs to create music in the classroom

License Music

Here are some of the best programs for creating music in the classroom that can add a lot to your classes. These programs have license music to avoid copyright problems.

The development of new technologies and the Internet have opened up new options and opportunities when it comes to composing and creating music in the classroom. Therefore, today we are going to share some of the best programs to create music that you should know.

Programs to create music

1 – Microsoft Songsmith

Microsoft Songsmith is the perfect program for students to bring out their creative side and learn how to create music in the classroom. It has a very simple operation, so that students only have to choose a musical style, sing through the computer with a microphone, for example, and the program will create, automatically, the musical accompaniment. 

It is also possible to share the songs over the Internet and create fun music videos.

2 – Incredibox

Incredibox is a 2.0 application with which it is possible to create rhythms that imitate the Beat box style, which is formed by vocal sounds. It is a perfect option for students, as it has a very attractive interface.

The app offers a large number of different rhythms and vocal effects, so that, once you get to know and control their sound, you can create different compositions and record them online with the application itself. 

Once you have recorded your creations, you can share them easily through the Internet thanks to a link that is generated, or by email and social networks like Facebook or Twitter, for example. With its respective license music.

3 – Beat lab

Beat Lab is an online tool with which you can create sequences in different musical styles, such as rave, classical piano, latin, rock, disco, beatbox, etc. It has a grid in which you must draw each beat.

It is a very easy to use tool with which you can create very interesting pieces. In this way, each track corresponds to a sound that you can listen to before pressing the play button. Songs that are already recorded, you can save and share them through a Facebook account. 

In addition, you can also explore different musical compositions made by other users and vote to decide which one is the best of the week.

4 – Tonematrix

ToneMatrix is an online polyphonic synthesizer with an oscillator, which allows you to create music in a very intuitive, simple and fast way.

5 – Ampledesign

Ampledesign is a tool for creating music, which is very different from those proposed above. With it, you can create the most pleasant songs by moving the computer mouse on the screen. It has 8 musical instruments that you can activate or combine the way you want, as well as varying the delay and volume of each of the sounds. 

The disadvantage compared to other programs to create music is that, in this case, it is not possible to save the results.

6 – Maestro

Maestro is an app for Android, which is very simple and extremely easy to use, with it, you can edit scores by dragging and dropping notes directly on the staff. In addition, among the various editing options it has, is the fact that you can change key, clef and time signature, as well as choose the instrument on which you want to listen to your creations. 

It is a perfect application for music students, as it is free and, Besides, It will allow them to become familiar with the different key elements of musical language.

7 – Musical Note Pad Free

Another Android app that is very easy to use is Musical Note Pad Free, also highly recommended for music students. The app allows users to choose from 128 different instruments when listening to creations.

As you can see, thanks to new technologies and the Internet there are many options of programs to create different music that can give a lot of life to your classes, as well as help your students to become familiar with the musical language and develop their creativity, and all supported under a safe and legal framework with license music

What do you think of all these programs to create music?