What jewelry should a modern man wear: here are four options (One is carbon fiber mens ring)

carbon fiber mens ring

Nowadays more and more men have a preference towards jewelry, especially in a young audience between the ages of 26 and 27 who constantly follow the new trends of their artists. This is demonstrated by the high demand for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and carbon fiber mens ring. And it is that the collection of these accessories has benefits for its versatility and easy combination with different garments or styles for any season.

“The market niche in which we find ourselves is expanding as a regular user has on average a minimum of 10 pieces of jewelry that allows him to have spare parts in his daily outfits,” says Rémy Obando, creative director and founder of Men’s Fashion Box.

Four jewels that set a trend in men’s fashion

In that sense, Rémy recommends 4 jewels that today set a trend in men’s fashion (like a carbon fiber mens ring), having many artists and celebrities to endorse it. In addition, they can be a gift option for that your ideal person:


This is the name given to the trend of using pearl necklaces, a well-known jewel in women’s style that entered men’s fashion thanks to artists like Harry Style, the Jonas Brother and recently singers like Bad Bunny or Raw Alejandro who have given a strong point to the use of this piece.

Interchangeable mini charms:

A category developed by Rémy for Men’s Fashion Box, unique in the modern men’s jewelry industry. This piece has the versatility to be interchanged and used in a necklace, bracelet or as a pendant in an earring.

316L Steel Ring:

Thanks to the Ring Stacking trend, many men choose to combine 2 or 3 carbon fiber mens ring for each hand, interspersing sizes and textures in it to give personality to their outfits.

Leather bracelet:

This type of jewelry points to a more casual style that many men have, ideal for use with a dress code more oriented to office shirts, suits like terno or more classic or minimalist outfits.

On the other hand, acquiring a product to give as a gift is now much easier since online shopping has grown and is constantly growing in recent years. In that sense, if you have a special person, jewelry and accessories are an ideal gift that can have a special meaning for both the recipient and the giver.