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We leave you some advice and recommendations.

Going out to sail. It is a wonderful experience, but it is true that you must do it as comfortably and safely as possible. It is very important for the well-being of all. If you rent a sailing boat or catamaran from Marinemax to spend a vacation, pay attention to this entry, it is advisable to take into account some tips and certain basic recommendations.

Safety recommendations

First of all, the most important thing is to be aware of the weather, you should not go out to sea in case of bad weather forecast, even if there is bad visibility. It is not worth taking risks, it is better to postpone your departure and leave the excursion for another time. 

With good weather you will enjoy the sea much more, you will have better navigation and you will also be able to swim or do water sports, it will be much better. If you also go with children they will have a great time!

Make sure you have everything you need in the boat in case there is a problem, for example: 

Life jackets, harnesses, sound signals, check that the communication equipment works perfectly, a first aid kit cannot be missing and, of course, be well provided with water and food. It is preferable to avoid sailing at dusk, but if so, it is better to do so with company.

After sailing during the day, a good idea is that at sunset you leave the boat in a port that you like, take advantage to go out and buy the things you need. If the weather permits it is also very nice and pleasant to leave it anchored and use the auxiliary, so you can go out for dinner, or for a walk, but pay attention to the following

Caution with the auxiliary

When we are in the boat in a protected area and we decide to go ashore you must think that in a few hours the wind can grow, the sea can get more moving, more agitated. 

When you decide to return to the boat, make sure that the situation is normal so that you do not fall into a sea trap and live a very dangerous experience that could become a tragedy. 

You must be careful and carry a backpack with some basic tools in case of any damage, you can have it ready before getting on the dinghy, it is also important to carry water and very important… a portable VHF to call for help if necessary.

Do you get dizzy when you sail?

Something usual in many people but really unpleasant, it is such a bad feeling that makes the trip not enjoyable. Symptoms include pallor, nausea, vomiting, sweating and, also affects the sight and hearing, that makes you feel dizzy.

When you get on a Marinemax boat, it is convenient that you are not predisposed to dizziness, it is not necessary to think about it, suggestion can be the great ally to the problem. 

Half an hour before boarding, take a Dramamine, it is one of the most known medicines and with very good results. Once you are in the boat you have to locate yourself in the most suitable place, this is usually the deck and in the bow, looking at the horizon is much better than looking at nearby places. 

Avoid getting into closed places, cabins, cabins, etc. It is very important that you try not to get on the Marinemax boat on an empty stomach, but even with heavy meals that make you feel very heavy and unwell, alcohol is not advisable.

Finally, we recommend that you do not worry too much about the sensations, if you start to feel dizzy or not, think about other things that are alien to the subject, you will feel much better.