Child Proof Cap: Aluminum caps for your food product


child proof cap

What are aluminum closures?

Aluminum caps have emerged as a solution for the food industry, allowing products to have a long shelf life. Currently, it is the packaging par excellence for this type of products and its use is basic in them. 

Materials with which they are compatible

The closures offered by some Comercializadora (as child proof cap) are made of materials that can be sealed with Polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate (PET); which make them ideal for your product by achieving a perfect gluing, while saving on the final cost. 

In addition, our materials are authorized by the FDA, that is, the Food and Drug Administration, which verifies that a product is suitable for human consumption. According to FDA standards, the caps can be in contact with food.

  • Benefits for your product

Custom-designed caps according to the needs of your product.

At Comercializadoras, we have the necessary technology to create your custom-made cap, thanks to the fact that our plant can develop any type of die and that our lamination and extrusion processes allow us to meet your needs and requirements with the highest quality. 

  • Beautify and make your product more attractive. 

They know how important a good image is in the value chain of your product, which is why they strive to put our technological potential at your service, making our roto engraving system with color selection the most innovative solution for the aesthetic needs of your product. 

  • It provides protection to your product.

The caps have a high barrier (such as child proof cap), which prevents your product from coming into contact with contaminating agents and prevents fungus from forming. This way, your customers know that when they consume your product, their health is also guaranteed, since an aluminum lid symbolizes that the product is new, free of contaminants and has been properly preserved. 

In addition, the lids protect it from UV rays, are heat-sealed and resist high temperatures, all to provide durability to the life of your product.


They design the lid to your needs as the best tailors do, giving life and durability to your product.

High barrier for protection against contamination and fungus formation.

Protection against UV rays.

Can be in contact with food (according to FDA and European standards).

They are heat sealable.

Sealing strength and high temperature resistance.

The potential of technologies (such as child proof cap) is able to create specific measures, innovative prints by roto-etching with color selection.

In our plant any type of die is developed and adapted to the requirements of your product and/or project.

The lamination and extrusion processes allow us to adapt to any need with the highest quality.